Maneuvering Your Career is a success blueprint for today’s working professionals. With virtually no guarantee of a long tenured career, the office can be a scary place. We want to live our lives and go after our dreams, but too often, we work in a dysfunctional environment, for a crazy boss, and we feel trapped.

James Lehman, after working more than twenty jobs in thirty years, knows how to maintain sanity and gain the freedom and respect an employee deserves. Let him teach you how to have the career you want, despite the economy, industry changes, takeovers and mergers, and without waiting for your crazy boss to get fired or retire.

In Maneuvering Your Career, you will learn how to:

Having the freedom to do what you want, for who you want, when you want is powerful. It’s never too late to take charge of your career and maneuver it into being the rewarding experience you deserve.

“It’s refreshing to see the practical, real-world approach that Lehman takes to the new reality of frequent job changes. The step-by-step approach he recommends is not only applicable to those currently out of work but to anyone looking to manage their career proactively.”

Jeitosa Group International

Speaker, Editor, Author and Researcher in the field of

HR Technology


“Long gone are the days of college graduation followed by one lifelong job. James offers great strategies to ensure that readers are extremely well-prepared for the modern day reality of career transition.”

Founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in

Coaching (iPEC) and Author of

Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and

 Your Life from the Core


“In today’s job market, the gold watch for fifty years of service is a relic from a bygone era. So instead of waiting to be right-sized out of a job, take initiative. Be proactive. The first step is learning from someone who’s spent a career looking for that next job, and then make each transition with integrity. In this book, James shares his wisdom and experience as a blessing to you....”

Lead Pastor of Morning Star Church


“Never has it been more important to live your purpose than now. When we serve the world with our own unique gifts, work doesn’t feel like work. When we start doing what we want to do, rather than what we have to do, we are able to heal, to show up better in our relationships, and to give back to society rather than check out from it. This book is a must have for anyone considering a career transition or life change. As a life and leadership coach, I will use it with my clients. This book will help you get back to your center, to find your heart, and to be the hero of your own story.”

the Moksha Institute


“Do you want to take charge of your future and build a dream career? Start here!”

International Best-Selling Author of

Creating Your Own Destiny and

The Affluent Entrepreneur